Transform the way you find and attract talent

AI powered talent sourcing and attraction

14 day candidate sourcing and recruitment service for permanent and temporary vacancies.
Get relevant, pre-qualified and motivated candidates for your vacancies in two weeks or less.
Tailored, fixed fee solutions for 1 to 100+ vacancies.


Tell us your requirement(s)

Give us the details of your job vacancy requirement(s). We can work with job specifications, site content or basic notes. We formulate this into a detailed position profile for each vacancy

Sourcing and matching

AI powered recruitment technology sources and matches potentially suitable candidates from our network of 5m+ registered job seekers and 1400+ job boards

Talent Pooling and quality check

Pre-screened and matched candidates are placed into a talent pool for each vacancy. All results are then quality checked by one of our experienced consultants

Contact and marketing

Using our clever behavioural marketing technology platform, we contact candidates in the talent pool(s) and market the vacancy details to verify their interest and suitability

Candidates delivered to you

Relevant, pre-qualified, informed and motivated candidates are directed to apply via your ATS, recruitment mailbox or we can deliver applications to you

About Us

Why you should partner with Integrated Talent Solutions for your next vacancy

HISTORY - We've been providing specialist recruitment services for valued clients since 2008

EXPERIENCE - Our experience has been honed within some of the worlds leading recruitment firms and corporate brands so we know what we're doing

DIFFERENCE - Unlike many fixed price recruitment solution providers, we don't just rely on job advertising. We identify, target, source and pre-qualify candidates who are both active and passive in the market

INNOVATION - Our unique solution is powered by proprietary recruitment technology, AI and automation which has been built specifically for purpose

SPEED - On average we provide our clients with 'ready to interview' candidates within a two week timeframe (often much quicker)

QUALITY - We deliver relevant, pre-qualified and motivated candidates matched to your vacancy requirements

VALUE - We deliver our service on a fixed fee basis with no hidden costs and a 100% satisfaction guarantee


    100% fixed fee service with no hidden costs


    70+ years combined recruitment experience


    14 day turnaround time for engagements

  • Success Rate

    100% success on exclusive engagements

Job Areas and Functions

We recruit across a wide range of popular job areas and functions.
Our unique solution is also perfectly suited for niche or highly specific requirements.
See below for examples or contact us with your details:

Information Technology

Including service desk, storage, architecture, consulting and systems integration

Software Development

Including Java, PHP, MVC, .Net, C#, MySQL, Ruby, Full stack and DevOps

Design & Creative

Including graphic design, web design, artwork, animation and creative


Including digital marketing, content management, SEO and social media

Business Intelligence

Including BI development, analytics, consulting and strategy

Big Data

Including analytics, visualisation, research, engineering and warehousing

Information Security

Including consulting, forensics, penetration testing and SOC

Professional Services

Including consulting, technology outsourcing, BPO and recruitment

Human Resources

Including general human resources, training and development

Retail & Ecommerce

Including buying, merchandising, store positions and customer service


Including front office, back office, secretarial and office support


Graduate and entry level positions across most industries and job functions